How Juan Went From $0 And Distracted To $65k Per Month

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Customer Name: Juan Campos

Location: United States


Have you ever been distracted, unfocused, and suffered from shiny object syndrome?

According to Juan, he’s had it worse. Over a year ago, Juan was juggling side projects “thinking” it was a real business only to realize what he was doing was more like a job (for 4 different companies).

He made decent money, but worked nearly 100 hours per week and it was unsustainable. Juan had great skills, but truly lacked the vision, mindset, and focus required to run his business the right way.

After some changes to his mindset and a new focused strategy, Juan and his partner Eva have been able to grow one of the most preeminent LinkedIn lead generation businesses online today.

In just 11 short months, they’ve said NO to nearly every unfocused opportunity that came their way and in doing so have been able to scale their consulting business from $0 to over $65,000 per month.

In this video, Juan will share with you some of the biggest things he learned along the way:

  • Why you must have a clearly defined vision for your life and business.
  • The #1 misconception about marketing and getting more clients online.
  • ​The power of changing your identity and becoming a new person.
  • How Juan overcame “shiny object syndrome” and got laser focused. ​
  • Strategies that are working right now to grow his business consistently.